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This signup is just for you. We love what you do on a stage and would like to have you find a date to perform at our outdoor venue. This signup is just for artists who are invited to choose a date, so please do not share with other bands.

Shows start at 7:00PM and go until 10:00 PM. Load in starts at 5:00, sound check between 6:00 and 6:15.

We will have most everything already taken care of for you. Our team will have the PA on stage before 5PM, which includes 2 18″ subwoofers, 2 15″ loudspeakers, 3 floor monitors, and a 16-channel Behringer X32 mixer. We also have 4 microphone boom stands, 4 SHURE BETA 58 mics, a SHURE SM58, and a SENNHEISER 835 microphone. We have drum mics and clips. We also have 6 SHURE SM-57 mics for miking your instruments. We have all of the XLR cables you could possibly need. In addition, we do have DI Box inputs for acoustic guitars, keyboards, and the like. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN 1/4″ CABLES AND EXTENTION CORDS/SURGE PROTECTORS.

We’ve got you covered. You will have somebody there by 5:30 to help run microphones and soundcheck, then keep you mixed and sounding great ALL NIGHT LONG. We have high standards here. You will be sure to come away happy with the way you sound on this stage. The sound engineer is able to offer you an SD card with your raw tracks on it for $50 if you are interested in having the live recording! Let them know before the show to make sure we are recording for you.

We also have stage lighting covered. No need to bring anything unless you really want to!

Bands will receive a $50 tab for the evening, solo artists will receive a $20 tab. We also offer two different options for payment. The first is a flat rate at $250. The second is the option to take all of your covers, minus $50 to pay the door person and $100 to pay the sound engineer. We charge $5 cover for everybody that walks through the door to make sure you get paid. With this option, it is a risk-sharing model. If you bring a ton of people and we have a great night, you also have a great night and get paid more. bring everybody you can!

Ready to take the stage? Please choose from the available dates below:

Sign up below...

Band05/04/2024#1: Filled
Band05/11/2024#1: Filled
Band05/18/2024#1: Filled
Band05/25/2024#1: Filled
Band06/01/2024#1: Filled
Band06/08/2024#1: Filled
Band06/15/2024#1: Filled
Band06/22/2024#1: Filled
Band06/29/2024#1: Filled
Band07/06/2024#1: Filled
Band07/13/2024#1: Filled
Band07/27/2024#1: Filled
Band08/03/2024#1: Filled
Band08/10/2024#1: Filled
Band08/17/2024#1: Filled
Band08/24/2024#1: Filled
Band08/31/2024#1: Filled
Band09/07/2024#1: Filled
Band09/14/2024#1: Filled
Band09/21/2024#1: Filled
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