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Karaoke Bingo!

Karaoke Bingo Live Entertainment Fun

We take one fun thing in karaoke, combine it with another fun thing in bingo, and we end up with magic. Our weekly Karaoke Bingo is one of the best Karaoke events in Kalamazoo! Every Wednesday, our host kicks off the good times at 7pm. Whether you love to sing or not, this mashup of activities provides excellent entertainment. Come to our taproom in Portage to see for yourself!

Karaoke Bingo Card Live Entertainment Event

Karaoke bingo is easy

You do not have to be Whitney Houston to have a good time at our Karaoke Bingo live events. Many people will just grab one of our bingo cards and tune in for songs that match the squares on your card. When you get a bingo, you bring your card up and spin the prize wheel. Prizes could be something like a percentage off of your tab, any beer for $1, or even drawing out of the treasure chest. I sure hope you don’t get bamboozled!  Come try and win a prize at the most fun Karaoke Bingo in Kalamazoo!

But if you can sing...

THEN YOU SHOULD! At Karaoke Bingo in Portage, everybody is welcome to sing, including kids! Our weekly karaoke brings people from all over the Kalamazoo area with all levels of singing skill. We have a performance area complete with stage lighting and a lyrics screen so that you can sing with confidence! Our karaoke service has nearly 60,000 songs, with new ones being added every week. Need a little backup for your song? We have an extra mic for you, and you might even be able to get the host to help!

Karaoke Bingo Stage Fun Singing

Karaoke bingo is the best entertainment in town

Whether you are right here in Portage or in the Kalamazoo area, we don’t think you can find a better way to spend a Wednesday night. Karaoke Bingo is a ton of fun. Make a plan to come out this Wednesday from 7-10. Check out Karaoke Bingo and all of our other live events right here on our EVENT CALENDAR. See you Wednesday!

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