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Farmhouse Tots for brunch in Portage
Ritherford B Haze Pinc
Pickle Pizza
Sherbert Hoover mixed with Orange Juice for a beer mosa mimosa
Nachos Chipotle Sauce Tortilla Chips Ground Beef

Come see what's for Brunch

Retro Cartoon Brunch at Presidential Brewing Company

Rumor has it that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We disagree. You need brunch. You need the best brunch in Kalamazoo. Come and join us from 11AM-2PM on Saturday mornings for our Retro Cartoon Brunch! You will enjoy some nostalgic excellent brunch foods, beer mosas, and our favorite nostalgic cartoons right here in Kalamazoo.

Enjoy delicious BRUNCH FOOD

Every good brunch starts with incredible food. Our brunch menu will give you tons of delicious options! We have selected some of our favorite foods from our normal menu and added in some specialty breakfast items to really amp up your brunching experience. Our brunch menu simply makes Saturday mornings better. 

From breakfast pizzas to mouthwatering sandwiches and all the way to our signature tots, there’s something on our menu for everybody. Our new brunch wraps take breakfast to a level that we have never even seen before!

Don’t forget to load up your tot side brunch style! You heard us. Sausage gravy, shredded cheese, and green onions make everything better. We would hate for you to miss out.

Check out our full brunch menu here and make plans to come out on Saturday between 11 and 2. We just know you are going to love the food you can get, right here in Portage!

Not so much of a brunch person? That’s OK too. We start serving our FULL LUNCH MENU right at noon. Check out some of OUR FAVORITES and make plans to come this weekend!

Saturday morning brunch food and drinks
Beer Mosa Sherbert Hoover

Don't Go Thirsty!

Not only do we have a special menu of food for brunch, we also have special drinks! What kind of brewery brunch would this be if we didn’t have the best beer mosa in Kalamazoo?

We start with our number one selling beer, Sherbert Hoover. After that, we took this fruited sour and added some orange juice to it. We discovered something truly amazing.


So we tried it with another beer, our Rutherford B. Haze NEIPA. Somehow, that worked too!

It turns out, beer and orange juice are long lost friends. We reunite them every Saturday morning from 11-2, giving you the chance to try this amazing concoction. Come out and see for yourself! Grab a beer mosa this Saturday!

Not so sure about putting orange juice in your beer? No worries, we will have all of our regular taps available as well. Check out OUR FAVORITES and the see WHAT’S ON TAP. Then make your plans and come enjoy some delicious beer with your brunch!

And catch your favorite nostalgic cartoons

You’ve known it since you were a kid. Saturday mornings were about hanging in your pajamas and watching your favorite cartoons. If you were lucky, you could bring your bowl of cereal into the living room and celebrate the youth version of what would eventually become the retro cartoon brunch at Presidential Brewing!

The best brunch offerings, beer mosas, and our favorite childhood cartoons come together to make the most unique brunch experience in Kalamazoo! Come and see us, Saturdays from 11-2 and see for yourself!

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