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Kids FOOD Menu

They may not be old enough to drink beer, but they deserve to have a great time too! We welcome families, which includes kids of all ages. We have designed a delicious kids food menu just for them! We don’t want to brag or anything, but many kids have asked to have their birthday parties at the brewery. The food is THAT GOOD! The menu also serves as a crayon-fueled distraction, keeping your miniature clone busy while you enjoy all that we have to offer. We have high chairs and booster seats ready and waiting. Bring the family out today!

Every item on our kids food menu includes the main dish, two sides, and a refillable soda from BRIX SODA COMPANY in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Your child will be able to enjoy a craft soda made right here in Michigan while you enjoy a beer made right here in Portage!

And for dessert?

Key Lime Ice Cream Icebox
Summertime Smore S'more Ice Cream Icebox
Green Dragon Ice Cream Icebox
Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Icebox

ICEBOX BRAND ICE CREAM, of course. Made in Muskegon, Michigan, we love being able to support a local vendor. And we love eating their amazing ice cream products. What more could a kid want in a kids food menu? After your kids eat three more bites, reward them with one of these incredible treats. They will practically beg you to come back to Presidential Brewing the next time you are heading out to eat! Check out the full list of options on our ICE CREAM MENU, then make plans to get over here

To any beer for $1 or a free ice cream!

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