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Field of Apples and Grapes

If you are looking for Michigan-made wine and craft hard cider in Kalamazoo, look no further! We have some incredible options here in the Portage taproom. Our hard ciders are all made in house, using locally sourced ingredients. Our wines are specially made right here in Michigan at CHATEAU CHANTAL, just for Presidential Brewing.  All of our apple products and our fruit purees are sourced right here in Michigan!

We know that people in the Kalamazoo area love hard cider, so we will always have at least one of our hard ciders on tap for you. At least one of our wines available as well. Tying into our Presidential theme, our hard ciders are all named after various first ladies, and our wines after Presidential Residences. Take a look below for descriptions of the tastiest hard ciders and Michigan wine in all of Kalamazoo!

Our Hard Cider

We hand craft our hard ciders right in our facility here in Portage. All of our raw fruit ingredients are sourced right here in Michigan, so you can expect high quality and excellent flavors. Check out a few of our hard cider offerings below. Come try some of the very best hard cider options in all of Kalamazoo!

Barbara Bushels Hard Cider

Barbara Bushels

The OG of Presidential Hard Ciders, Babs features brown sugar and cinnamon to bring forth an incredible aroma. You are going to think you are drinking an apple pie. Barbara Bushels releases every year in October.

Laura Bushels Hard Cider

Laura Bushels

Born our of International Women’s Day in 2020, FLOTUS brewed up our initial batch of this cider. Using blueberries to add a little bit of sweetness, Laura just looks beautiful in a glass. Tastes even better.

Crancy Reagan Hard Cider

Crancy Reagan

Some people just like it a bit tart. We take our base cider recipe and add in some cranberry and pomegranate to really pizazz this one up! You have to try this fun combo of flavors!

Jacki O'lantern Hard Cider

Jackie O'Lantern

Jackie O’Lantern is the drink you dream about once that summer weather first starts to fade. Our base cider recipe gets the pumpkin spice upgrade to create a fun seasonal cider that you will love!

Wine made here in Michigan

We have some of the very best wines in the world, made right here in Michigan. We have partnered with our friends at CHATEAU CHANTAL in Traverse City to bring you some of the finest wine, right here in the Kalamazoo area. Check out our two wine offerings below!

Monticello White Wine

Indulge in our sweet Riesling: ripe pears, green apples, apricots, and wildflower honey dance on the palate, harmonized by lively, crisp acidity. A versatile companion for any meal!

Tasting Highlights

  • Sweet, Unoaked white
  • Vibrant aromas of ripe pears, apricots, and wildflower honey
  • Sweetness balanced by lively, crisp acidity
  • Light body, refreshing finish

Mount Vernon Red Blend

Discover our dry red blend, pleasing all palates with no bitterness and full of deep fruit flavors. This wine is made from a blend of Gamay, Pinot Noir, Malbec, and varying degrees of Cabernet Franc and Merlot depending on the year.

Tasting Highlights

  • Dry, unoaked velvet red blend
  • Rich-layered nose of ripe bramble berries, leathery and earthy spices
  • Flawlessly balanced acidity, with no bitterness
  • Velvety mouthfeel, leading to a peppery and spicy finish
Mount Vernon Red Wine at Presidential Brewing Co

See which hard ciders and wines we are pouring today

We commit to always having our wine and at least one of our ciders on tap at all times. Many of our amazing customers are gluten free or maybe just prefer something other than beer. It is important for us to have an amazing list of options for you all year long. Come out and try some of the best hard ciders and wine in the Kalamazoo area today!

Are there people in your group that don’t love wine or hard cider? Show them our CRAFT BEER page and introduce them to our incredible selection of mainstay and ROTATIONAL BEERS!

If you want to see which wines and hard cider(s) we have on tap right now, simply take a look at our  CURRENT TAP LIST. Then come in and  see for yourself! Grab a hand crafted hard cider at Presidential Brewing today!

Pouring Presidential Craft Beer
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