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what goes great with beer? Incredible lunch and dinner!

Even historical US Presidents like to eat tasty food. Since you deserve to eat like a president, our Portage taproom features a restaurant with a full lunch and dinner menu. We offer a wide array of American bar food, starting with our delectable pizzas, mouthwatering burgers, toothsome tater tot skillets, delicious tacos, and even some amazing salads for those who prefer lighter fare. If you are looking for lunch or dinner options in the Kalamazoo area, look no further than the delicious food at Presidential Brewing Company! Check out some of our delicious highlighted options below, then take a look at our full menu on our FOOD MENU PAGE. We also offer takeout through our ONLINE ORDERING PAGE.

Delicious Homemade pizza

When we first talked about opening a brewery, we always had pizza in the back of our minds. Pizza is atop everybody’s list of favorite foods, us included!

Our POTUS worked on a pizza crust recipe long before the brewery ever opened. It took a few tries, but he found an amazing recipe. We make that same pizza crust fresh every day right here in Portage. The secret ingredient? Presidential Beer! That’s right, we use our beer right in the crust, and you are going to love the delicious result.

We’ve also put in the time to make sure your pizza sauces are perfect. Every one of our pizza sauces are made fresh in house. Sauce makes the difference. We make sure that it is a good difference with all homemade sauces for our amazing pizza selections.

We offer a handful of different pizza options with a preference for the more creative options. Some of our favorites include the Dill Pickle Pizza, the Cowboy Pizza, our Lakes of Hot Honey pizza, and the Guardian Pizza. Read more about these delectable menu items on our FOOD MENU PAGE!

Mouthwatering SmashBurgers

An excellent burger can change your life. We have some of the best burgers available in the Kalamazoo area. We start with our brioche bun, add in our smash patty (or patties if you are up to the challenge), then dress them up with some delicious toppings.

Pictured here is our top selling Blackberry bam-A-Lam burger. This burger has a blackberry jam spread on the bun, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon to top it all off. You want delectable? This is it! Check out the Blackberry Bam-A-Lam and more burgers on our FOOD MENU PAGE or you can order to-go now at our ONLINE ORDERING PAGE.

Cowboy Tater Tots BBQ Chicken Cheese

Insane Tater tots for dinner

Napoleon Dynamite was on to something when he was hoarding his tater tots. This is arguably the most delicious form a potato can take. Dinner looks different in our Portage restaurant!

We deep fry all of our tater tot dishes, add in some white cheddar cheese curds, our house-mixed cheese blend, then add even more tasty food on top of that! This all gets served in a really cool cast iron skillet to keep your tots nice and hot from start to finish.

Pictured here is the Cowboy Tot. This one features our slow roasted pulled pork that we make fresh here in Portage. Top that off with BBQ sauce and haystack onions and it makes for some pretty delicious food for lunch or for dinner!

We always have a selection of amazing tots on our menu. It is part of who we are! Try one of our signature tot dishes today to see why! Take a look at some of the other tots options on our FOOD MENU PAGE! Better yet, order some to-go through our ONLINE ORDERING PAGE! You will be glad you did.

Succulant Salads

We have some incredible options for people who may want something a little lighter. But don’t think that means it won’t be filling!

We heap piles of lettuce and veggies in our salads. Our delicious fresh ingredients are more than just easy on the eyes. These salads taste AMAZING!

Pictured to the right is our Southwest Salad. This signature dish is available year-round at Presidential. We start with a metric ton of lettuce. We add in roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes, and diced onions. The salad is then topped with our favorite chipotle ranch and tortilla strips. Add a grilled chicken breast to really take it over the top. Hungry yet? Order one now through our ONLINE ORDERING PAGE!

We also make a number of unique salad dressings, including our Barbara Bushels vinaigrette, made with our hand made hard cider! Check out all of the salads we offer on our FOOD MENU PAGE.

Southwest Salad Food Vegetarian Vegan

Full Menu

Be sure to check out our FULL MENU. There are many more  delicious food options for lunch or for dinner on that page and descriptions of the items that we serve with love in our Portage restaurant!

Online Ordering

In a hurry? Order takeout online! We have loaded our full food menu into our ONLINE ORDERING service. We would love to take the work out of putting food on your table tonight. Try our takeout system today!

Kids Menu

Of course we did not forget about the children! We have a special KIDS FOOD MENU just for the little ones in your life. Make sure to grab a pack of crayons to keep them entertained!

Dessert Menu

Desserts? You bet! Your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied with our selection of ICE CREAM from Michigan vendor, Icebox Brand. 

Dietary Subs

We offer tons of different choices for various dietary needs and preferences. Check out our FULL MENU for icons next to each item indicating Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten Free options

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