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Maybe it’s a faux pas to say beer isn’t the most important thing at Presidential. Does that make us bad brewery people? Eh, possibly. But, truth be told, the beer comes second for us. The primary focus in our world is people, and the experience they have when they’re with us. We take “by the people, for the people” seriously, and it’s our goal to make Presidential Brewing Company a place that is truly for. the. people.

We don’t just mean our guests, though. At Presidential, we’re passionate about creating an environment that makes work fun, engaging, and fulfilling. A place where you feel at home and your coworkers are your family, and no – we don’t care how cheesy that sounds. A place where employees are empowered to take ownership of their role, where suggestions and ideas are truly heard, and where hard-working, high-performing superstars are rewarded accordingly. Whether you’re the head chef or a line cook, a lead brewer or a keg washer, we consider you a leader – and you’re a critical part of our team.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

all team requirements

All positions are required to…

  • Care deeply about people, and giving them the best possible experience when they’re here.

  • Love craft beer. It’s critical to our success and yours that your excitement about great beer is obvious and contagious to our guests.

  • Embrace leadership and pursue growth. We’re committed to helping you along the way, but settling for “good enough” is not something we do here.

  • Possess strong communication skills. Whether you’re communicating with guests or teammates, it’s vital to maintaining the type of environment we strive for.

  • Understand being a team player. Everyone has their role, but we all have each other’s backs as needed. Support each other, be ready to step in and help, and believe the best in your team.

  • Take pride in the business, and your role in it. Treat the building, the equipment, the guests, and the team like they’re your own.

  • Conduct yourself in a manner that is aligned with company values, even outside of the workplace. When you’re visiting other breweries, posting on social media, or otherwise engaging with the public, do so in a way that represents the brand in a positive way.

  • Be dependable, honest, and humble. Respect those you serve, and those you work with. Show up when you’re scheduled, be honest always, and be willing to learn from others.


Not Required, But You’ll Almost Certainly Get You Hired If You….

  • Can quote 90’s movies and 00’s rap lyrics with stunning ease and accuracy.

  • Thoroughly enjoy the beauty of a well-crafted and beautifully-delivered pun.

  • Enjoy having entire conversations in GIFs.

  • Aren’t ashamed to admit you actually like PBR. #stayhumble

  • Are a Nebraska football fan.

  • Have a fierce euchre game.

  • Can juggle, and can teach Mr. President to do it too.

  • Actually can’t stop yourself from belting out every word of “Santeria” when it comes on.


Personality is key for us. Experience is preferred in all areas, but for the right person, we’ll take the time to teach you what you need to know. If you have 25 years of serving experience, but it would be more fun to get on the phone and try to cancel our cable subscription, it’s probably a no from us. If you haven’t figured it out yet, experience is everything at Presidential. We want to have a blast working together, and we want our guests to leave your table already planning their next visit because of YOU.


If you’re reading this and nodding your head, muttering “omg why is this me?” under your breath, and subconsciously quoting Ace Ventura or humming Sublime, then for the love of all things patriotic, click that “apply” button already!


Lead Line Cook

Are you a rockstar in the kitchen? Would your secret sauce make Guy Fieri dye his hair dark and retire in defeat? Are your knife skills so fire that Kendrick Lamar wants to write rap lyrics about it? Could you steal Meghan Markle right out from under Prince Harry with your homemade cheesecake? If so, we want YOU!

In addition to team requirements above, qualified candidates will be able to:
-Stand and walk for entire shift
-Lift and carry 50 pounds
-Use knifes and kitchen equipment safely.

Responsibilities include:
-Provide excellent customer service
-Follow all state regulations regarding safe food handling, sanitation, and cleanliness
-Complete prep lists and recipes in a timely manner
-Complete cleaning lists, kitchen setup and breakdown in a timely manner
-Cook, assemble, and finish orders in a timely manner
-Assist with receiving and storage of product
-Exhibit extraordinary commitment to teamwork
-Complete related tasks as requested by management or shift leadership

Previous experience and ServSafe Food Manager certified desired


Do your customers frequently ask if they can adopt you into their own families? When you bring the check at the end of a meal, do your guests attempt to marry you off to their single friend/brother/niece/neighbor/literally anyone they know because they love you so much? Could you make Kim Kardashian break her “I don’t smile because #wrinkles” rule if she sat in your section, because your fiery wit and larger than life personality are just TOO GOOD to worry about fine lines? If so, we want YOU!

Responsibilities include:
-Provide excellent customer service
-Assist guests with food and beverage suggestions as needed
-Anticipate guests’ needs before they have to ask for something
-Follow all state regulations regarding safe food handling, sanitation, and cleanliness
-Comply with responsible alcohol service guidelines
-Complete side work and opening/closing tasks where appropriate
-Utilize POS system effectively
-Handle cash/credit cards properly
-Exhibit extraordinary commitment to teamwork
-Complete related tasks as requested by management or shift leaders

Craft beer knowledge & serving experience required


Do you have an uncanny ability to remember the name of a person you met five years ago in Topeka when you were someone’s date at a Bar Mitzvah? When you walk into a room, do you have that Matthew McConaughey kinda magnetism (but without the booger rolling, obv)? Do you love craft beer the way Donald Trump loves Donald Trump? Do you make everyone feel like “NORM!” when they walk into your establishment? If so, we want YOU!

We’re on the lookout for extremely above average, thousand watt smile, make ya laugh then hug ya goodbye, “How much do I have to pay to reserve this barstool every day because I love this bartender” kind of folks. We’ll be honest guys – we’re gonna be picky. Craft beer knowledge, bartending experience, and a passion for the industry are absolute requirements. We want the best of the best to come laugh with us, sling beers with us, and love on our guests with us. If that’s you, then sweet fancy Moses click that button and let’s do this thing!


Are you a little more George than Jerry? A little more Chewbacca than Han Solo? A little more Mini Me than Doctor Evil? Do you love being a team player, but don’t mind (or even prefer) fulfilling the role of trusty sidekick, loyal friend, behind-the-scenes hustler who gets. stuff. done.? Have you ever described yourself as a “jack of all trades” and get bored doing the same thing day in and day out? If you read this far and thought “man, I’d really love to work with these people, but I’m not really sure where I’d fit” – we’ve gotchu covered.

We’re looking to add a few solid, dependable, “do it all” kinda folks to our team. From washing dishes to running food, changing kegs to helping on brew day, seating guests to clearing tables – we need manpower and ladypower. We’ve got room for a few people who may not have serving experience, but are ready to roll up their sleeves and be a part of the team in a variety of places.

Responsibilities will include things mentioned above, and probably random stuff we just don’t know yet. We’re new here, cut us a break okay? We just know we’ll need good people, and if you’re good people, then let’s chat.

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