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Looking to re-establish your heroism as the family’s patriarch? Look no further than the Founding Father’s Day Putt-Putt Competition!

Just imagine it now- you compete against all the other dads who think that they have what it takes, but you know better. You are the daddest dad around, and mini-golf is basically like a second language for you. Hole by hole, you demonstrate your putting prowess until victory has been secured. Your kids watch excitedly as you sink the winning putt from 13 inches away. As soon as the ball hits the bottom of the cup, your youngest child is overcome with emotion as she jumps up and down and tackles you in a victory dogpile. You’ve earned this moment.

Even better, you get to leave with a $25 gift card to Presidential brewing for your outstanding display of putting accuracy!

The Rules:

Everybody starts on hole #1. only those with the lowest scores will move on to hole #2. We keep doing this with the winning groups until there is one dad left standing.


The fun starts at 3:30- so make sure that you are well rested the night before. Eat a good breakfast. Maybe trim the lawn one more time to clear your head. Then get out here and win the dang thing! But you have to register! It is free to do, so don’t let your opportunity slip away. Register for free today and show the world what you are made of!

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