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Why did the scarecrow become a dad joke champion? Because he was outstanding in his field!

Get your best dad jokes ready. Our Founding Father’s Day competition will put you to the test. You have a chance to go head to head against the best dad jokes in the area, and you can win a prize for being the best!


Competition Format:

You will go head to head with one competitor. Each of you takes a turn telling your best dad joke. After both jokes have been told, we will ask the audience to cheer for the person that they believe should be the winner. Whoever gets the highest decibel reading moves on to the next round!

There will be a total of four rounds, so make sure that you are ready with at least 4 great jokes to give yourself a chance!

Winner will take home a $50 Presidential Brewing Gift Card.

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Dad Joke Competitor#1: Filled
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